About Zlax.io

Zlax.io is an awesome popular game which was developed by Clown Games. It is set in an arena in which you need to survive and gain the most kill to be the top player. Currently, Zlax.io is available for you to play on your computer, desktop and mobile devices powered by Android.

Play Zlax.io Online

Join Zlax.io you will have the chance to experience the unique concept without paying a penny. Take part in a cool multiplayer combat that you are required to throw axes at the enemy to eliminate them. Before you embark on the challenge, you are able to pick a range of exciting skins and colors. Additionally, you can select a nickname. After you step into the battlefield, you will see a lot of tools typically used for chopping wood. They are scattered across the map. So, it is not difficult to find or collect them. However, you should act rapidly before you are destroyed.

Aside from that, there are tons of colored gems located on the ground of Zlax.io game at random. When you gather these items and rack up kills, you can expand the capacity. In other words, you will carry much more weapons at once. Not only that, you can toss more without looting them from the floor. During the battle, you are advised to fill up your Rage Bar. It is full after you finish off other people. When it is active, you can launch deadly hits constantly and you will become immune to the damage for a short time. Therefore, attempt to utilize that smartly. You’d better prepare from now on so you can surpass every obstacle and quickly climb up to the position that you expect.

How to Play Zlax.io

Zlax.io Game Play

  • After you engage Zlax.io game, you will control your character by using the mouse. He will follow the cursor. Whilst you are wandering around, do not forget to search for the gear.
  • If you want to attack somebody, press the left mouse button or tap Spacebar.
  • Besides, you can dash to flee from the stronger adversary by holding RMB or W.
  • Keep in mind that you will be given more slots to store your equipment after you unlock the next level!

Zlax.io Strategy

  • Try to wield your objects and handle situations wisely! Aim before throwing in order to remove more opponents.
  • Boosting your movement speed is a good method to run away when you do not have anything in your hands.
  • When the Rage Bar is switched on, you will be the deadliest person. Do not ignore rushing to clear those who have the high score!

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